Acceleration programmes

Odense Seed and Venture work closely with incubators and accelerators in the ecosystem of Odense Robotics. Here mentioned 3 of the programmes.
Odense Robotics Startup Hub

Odense Robotics believes in robotic hardware ideas with the potential to become scalable businesses. The mission is to support businesses at an early phase to ensure that they are prepared to secure funding from one or more private or institutional investors. Odense Robotics does this, based on a model that accommodates both startups and spinouts from established companies and research institutes.

The StartUp Hub focuses on the startups within the early-stage development to ensure their readiness for subsequent funding and development. As part of the program, you will get access to facilitation, sparring and Odense Robotics network of companies, potential partners, and investors.

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Scale-Up Denmark Robotics

Scale-Up Denmark is an ambitious training concept for entrepreneurs and small enterprises. The aim is to establish an elite of high growth companies in Denmark. It is a cross regional initiative. Its foundation is the regional business development strategies, and some of Europe’s most competitive eco systems.
Scale-Up Denmark is inspired by the world’s best ecosystems for business growth, and will:

  • attract high performing enterprises – Danish and International.
  • provide access to seed capital and venture capital.
  • engage market-leading firms from the regional ecosystem.
  • involve leading universities, research institutions and science parks.
  • provide easy access to the services of the entire Danish business support system.
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RobotUnion is an ecosystem that involves SMEs and startups together with corporates, researchers, acceleration programs and investors. The aim is “to create the best conditions for long-term business success for all involved”, as per the DIH definition by the EC.

RobotUnion is looking for startups in the robotics sector. We will prioritize the following areas:

  • Agrifood
  • Healthcare
  • Civil Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Open Disruptive Innovation
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