Do you need funding to grow your business?
Get a FundingCoach to support your growth opportunities!

Why use a FundingCoach?

Many businesses are focused on the growth opportunities of their core business; the product or service the company provides. Often, the utilization of these growth opportunities often depends on adequate capital. The project will support local companies facing challenges uncovering their capital needs and acquiring sufficient capital. A FundingCoach helps uncovering the capital needs to successfully exploit growth opportunities and takes an active part in the processes with potentials funding sources.

What is a FundingCoach?

A FundingCoach is an independent expert with experience and skills within financing, who has a broad network and access to financial actors, business angels, venture funds etc.

The overall goal of a FundingCoach is to explore the financing possibilities and provide the company with a suitable financial source that ensures continuous growth. A FundingCoach will also supply vital knowledge and linkages to networks relevant to the growth opportunities of the company.

How much does a FundingCoach cost?

In cooperation with Business Development Centre – Southern Denmark, Invest in Odense offers a grant of 50 % of the consultancy services (a maximum of 15,000 kr. excl. VAT).
A typical case will be a counseling package totaling 30,000 kr. Excl. VAT, in which half of the amount is refundable.

What does a FundingCoach do?

A FundingCoach primarily tasks includes:

  • Creates an overview of the possible financing model(s) in cooperation with the company
  • Explore and analyze the financial market
  • Prepare contact and communications with potential financial sources
  • Prepare the company for the investors
  • Takes part in negotiations with potentials investors

Who can apply?

Invest in Odense’s primary interest is in companies within the robotics, drone and health area, but FundingCoach is available to all business areas. If you own or are employed by a small or medium-sized growth-oriented company situated in Odense or willing to move here, you can apply for a contribution to a FundingCoach.

The FundingCoach program is limited to ten companies in 2017.

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