Get connected with more investors and do less risky business!

Should you invest 10 mill in one company or 1 mill in 10 companies each? That depends on your risk profile and your preferences to focus or spread the risk.

In order to accelerate the growth of the companies and to give the investors the opportunity to share the risk we have made it easy for investors to syndicate in a joint investment company to invest in a specific company.

Investors from our investor network are asking for:

  • The possibility to get to know other investors who also are investing in companies in Odense (Robotics)
  • An easy way to co-invest with other investors, after agreeing on a joint investment.

We do matchmaking among investors and as an investor you can always contact us for help with matchmaking. If you receive an investorpitch from us and you are interested in joint investment, let us know.

To ease closure of syndication we have produced the needed documents for investors to use. The investors only need to designate a lead investor to represent the investment company.

Contact us to get access to the 4 documents of syndication.


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