How we work

Odense Seed and Venture works closely with the start-ups and companies in the Clusters of Odense Robotics, Odense Health and UAS Denmark in their search for investments. When companies start searching for investors we participate in bridging the gap between investors and the company.

We cooperate and work closely with the Danish Business Angel networks. We have, besides this, developed our own network of investors, who are committed to investing in Robotics, Drones and Health companies.

If you are an investor and interested in becoming part of our investor network or be a part of the clusters, please get connected. As part of our Investor Network you will be presented with deal flows with investment possibilities in accordance with your interests.

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Investment Manager,
Michael Hansen
+45 23 414 007

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Odense Seed and Venture
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Michael Hansen’s Portfolio

Responsible for activities associated with the management of client portfolio, Michael Hansen represents the bridge between investors and investment seeking companies and startups in Odense.

Michael has over 7 years’ experience with business development and raising funding, in various market environments, by screening over 500 startups and companies, and recruiting ‘on-board’ teams for over 30 of them. Besides being experienced within business development, Michael’s background in engineering plays a main role in evaluating Robotic Investments.