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Nordic Alpha Partners is leveraging the opportunities of globalization and the 4th industrial revolution to unfold the potential of the Nordic industrial sector and catalyze the next global success companies.
Nordic Alpha Partners was founded on the philosophy that successful investments depend on the thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the portfolio companies, and the ability – in “real-time” – to facilitate and fuel the management teams’ successes with capital and best-in-class skills, tools and capabilities.
  • We invest in tangible product companies with strong growth potential
  • Companies must have products on the market with a strong value proposition – typically documented via annual revenue run-rate between 20 and 100 mDKK – and provide a scalable business opportunity in an attractive market
  • Last but not least, we are looking for experienced and ambitious teams who want to partner with us on their growth journey
  • We are looking broadly at tangible product companies with opportunity for high-growth. Special attention is given to companies with products that either
    • Enable the digital transformation of industry (Industry 4.0) or;
    • Take advantage of the digital transformation to provide new and smarter products, new business models, and/or new levels of operational efficiency
We invest in ambitious pre-seed startups with innovative solutions and the ability to scale globally.
Universal Robots, Shape Robotics, Easy Robotics, Effimat, MedTrace.
We invest more than capital. We are an experienced team with both strong operational and investment experience. We work eye-to-eye with our founders. We know that entrepreneurs need sparring and solutions, rather than demands and control. When we invest, we invest more than capital – we invest ourselves.

We look for scalable pre-seed companies that build on a significant innovation with a competitive edge. All backed by a truly competent team.


Robotics, Cleantech, Welfare Tech and Industry
We are byFounders, a ‘for founders by founders’ early-stage venture fund supported by a world class group of 40+ serial founders whose aspiration is to support the next generation of Nordic and Baltic founders. We bring strong operational expertise as well as access to a strong network of entrepreneurs and investors through our Founders Collective. We focus on supporting strong founder teams that are ambitious, globally minded and we always invest long-term and on founder-friendly terms.
Peergrade, Cobalt, Corti, Spiio, Simple Feast, UIzard.
byFounders invests from €250k up to €5M, along with access to our knowledge filled Founders Collective.
  • Development stage: Early-stage, – from preseed, seed to series A.
  • Team – we look for strong founding teams, preferably with existing experience in the market they’re targeting.
  • TAM – We look for global billion € markets.
  • Tech – Preferably protectable tech (either patents or other IP).
  • Transformational – always looking for solutions and services that disrupt existing industries or verticals.
  • 10x return – the fund must be able to see a 10x return on our investment over a 10-year period.
byFounders invests broadly in Tech & ICT companies in the Nordic and Baltic countries. This implies investing in HW, SW and Services and combinations thereof.
We see ourselves as pioneers in developing venture capital investment solutions for private, corporate and institutional investors. At btov we consider an investment a two-sided decision based on trust. We are an European venture capital firm, managing about EUR 375m in institutional funds, managed partner funds and direct investments of private investors. 
Companies backed by us range from component, module and systems hardware companies with embedded software to intelligent design automation tool vendors to application and infrastructure software suppliers for industrial verticals. We are active in robotics & AVs, industrial machine learning, industry 4.0 and IoT, cyber-physical security, electronics & photonics, additive manufacturing, power conversion and storage, medical and quantum technologies. Examples are:

  • BigRep
  • OrCam
  • Micropsi Industries
  • Eperi
  • NVision Imaging
  • Effect Photonics
  • Data Artisans
  • Testbirds
  • SumUp
  • Volocopter
  • KIVU Technologies
  • GNA Biosolutions
  • Quanta Dialysis Technologies
  • AYOXXA Biosystems
  • Wise Neuro
  • G-Therapeutics
btov is an early stage venture capital firm. We invest across Europe and would typically lead or co-lead a Series A syndicate, but we will also pursue Seed-Rounds as well as occasionally Series B-Rounds. Typical investment tickets range from EUR 1-3m initially together with a stringent reserve planning to commit up to EUR 10m to portfolio companies over the necessary follow-on financing rounds.


We invest within digital tech and industrial tech. The digital tech fund invests in B2C- and B2B-oriented businesses in the fields of commerce, marketplaces, mobile and software. The industrial tech fund places its focus on deep tech, e.g. in industry 4.0, resource efficiency, industrial AI, IoT, enterprise software, cyber security, as well as medtech.

We aim to identify the best teams that developed disruptive technologies that can address large markets. Companies should be based in Europe and in a rather early-stage (Seed up to Series B).  
We are looking for companies within digital tech and industrial tech. Sectors and trends we are looking at with the btov Industrial Tech Fund will be innovations related to hardware, data & analytics as well as enterprise software. We make early-stage deep tech investments in the most interesting European innovations along the entire industrial value chain. This includes areas such as Industry 4.0, Industrial IoT, additive manufacturing, autonomous robots, data analytics / AI for industrial process automation or AR for example. 
We believe in active ownership and we invest both our time and resources to contribute as much as possible to the value creation of our portfolio companies.
Universal Robots, Kubo Robotics, OnRobot, Effimat (these are in Odense, out of a total of approx. 40 investments in DK).
Vækstfonden offers both loans as well as direct investments

    • Turnover should reflect proof of business i.e. sales that reflects that customers are willing to pay for the solution. In other words that the value proposition is big enough to justify for the price.
    • Development stage after the seed phase
    • An ambitious and competent team with a will to succeed
    • Market: A large international market or global niche, where the company can maintain a stronghold
    • Innovation: Highly innovative and unique products, service, business plan, distribution etc.
    • Business model: Economically scalable sales and production
    • Environment and ethics: Are included in our assessment if relevant
    • Business plan: A clear and well-defined business plan
    • Return and exit: The return must match the investment risk and be proven by a realistic
We are looking for innovative and unique solutions in segments with high growth potential which holds the potential to disrupt the industry it addresses.

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