Risk Capital & Competences

– This is how you build team and start-up with investors

Free Toolbox about investors, capital requirement, valuation & risk-taking competences

Is your start-up seeking for risk capital and risk-taking competences? And do you need knowledge and guidance to how you find your way through the ecosystem?  Then, we would like to invite you to a Toolbox, where you will get insight into how you attract investors, works with valuation, capital and negotiation processes and also how you succeed in attracting new competences to your start up. We have compressed more than 18 years of experience down to 1 hour. 

You will also gain insight into how you through Odense Seed and Venture can make use of local support in the process of raising capital or seek for risk-taking team members.

Send an e-mail with name and phone number to hi@keystones.dk (first-served basis).

Wednesday 20th February 15.30 – 16.30

SDU Cortex Lab, room 2.0.08, Cortex Park 24, 5230 Odense M

About Odense Seed & Venture
Odense Seed & Venture is a team of business developers with specialty in provision of capital and strategies for the same with focus on the city’s growth businesses.

About Keystones
Keystones has helped several hundred start-ups by attracting risk capital and risk-taking competences. Keystones has more than 200 members, who invest capital and competences in start-ups.